Soviet Friendsbook

The film explores a kaleidoscope of portraits and stories with a common past – presentations of past and present. Back in 1994, Aljona Surzhikova kept a collective diary – a Friends’ Book. That history repeats itself today in Facebook, the manifestation of contemporary online culture. All those people from the old-school analog Friends’ Book are now on Facebook – except for one old friend and classmate: Roman was the strongest boy in the class, and today he serves as a bodyguard for the President of Estonia. Another old friend from the Book is Nastja – currently probably the most well-known psychic and clairvoyant in Estonia. Then there is Stas who lives in Cambodia, playing poker and riding motorcycles; and Julia, a Waldorf School teacher in Berlin… Between these portraits we see a memory of 1994: the situation in Estonia, departing Soviet tanks, the two Presidents Lennart Meri and Boris Yeltsin drinking champagne, and the tradegy of passenger ferry “Estonia”.